Le Cross Collection, based on the Swiss flag, presents a lively abstract burst of lines and angles employing compositions of layered images creating playful expressions of geometric shapes. 

When selecting your image, think about the interplay between the image and how it should be framed. Landscape and organic textures can be accented with oak-framed prints, whereas graphic or architectural images become more alluring in high gloss, ultraHD acrylic frames. 

Recommended frames for 'Swiss Cross Collection' are whitewall’s striking neon pop-art acrylic gloss frames. The vividly coloured frames are an ever-trendy bold accent adding a great fluorescent effect to your picture’s impact.


All work is available to buy in ultraHD photo prints under acrylic glass, oak-framed prints, pop-art frames, canvas art-prints and high-end Fuji Crystal DP II photo paper prints all printed in WhiteWall Printing Laboratory.



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