POP ART FRAME - Neon Orange

Photo print behind pop art, high glossy acrylic glass  40 X 40CM (external dimensions: 41.4 x 41.4 cm)



Le Cross Collection 3, based on the Swiss flag, presents a lively abstract burst of lines and angles employing compositions of layered images creating playful expressions of geometric shapes.


- Dibond 3 mm

- Fuji Crystal Archive glossy

- 2 mm thick, glossy

- Pop Art frame, profile 3 mm (Neon Orange)

- Size 40 x 40cm (external dimensions: 41.4 x 41.4 cm)

- Optional sizes available; 60cm x 60cm, 80 x 80cm (please contact me directly to discuss any additional sizes you may require)


WHITEWALL PRINTING LABORATORY (Multiple winner of the TIPA World Awards 2013 | 2017 | 2020) 

Lucy Guillaume PhotoArt is deeply passionate about photography and understand the aesthetic sensibility in high-quality photo products. That's why all products on this website are printed soley by Whitewall Printers. An internationally, multiple award winning photo laboratory. Whitewall printing offers the finest, museum quality and is used by professional photographers, artists, gallery owners and collectors. Whether you are choosing art for your home or office using their materials give the highest standard of image results.



We deliver your artwork directly to your home and office without any additional cost. Your chosen piece may be hung immediately after unpacking, with the practical sturdy hanging rail on the back along with practical spacers to ensure even hanging. Please allow 6 - 8 days for delivery.

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